CTK is a Ukrainian manufacturer of rubber-based polymer materials. Experienced staff, unique equipment and the introduction of modern technologies allow us to provide high quality products. We produce materials for two technical areas:


Nowadays CTK products have been sold in many countries of Europe, Asia and Africa. Our partners have appreciated the following advantages of the company:

  • attractive pricing policy;
  • production flexibility;
  • prompt execution of orders;
  • multi-level quality control;
  • maximum attention to the wishes of our customers.


The production area of the company occupies more than 4500 square meters. All equipment, from simple devices to automatic lines, is made on the СTK production base. This allows us not only to mass produce products, but also to quickly readjust lines to fulfill non-standard orders of our customers.


We control the quality of products at all stages of production, starting with the input control of raw materials, ending with indicators of finished products. All products are СTK certified. The company actively invests in promising scientific developments, as well as in expansion of the range. We have managed to optimize the technological process as much as possible in order to reduce costs and achieve a competitive price.


The CTK research laboratory develops new materials and, in conjunction with the control department, monitors the quality of output products. The following research and testing are also conducted in the laboratory:

  • adhesive and cohesive properties of materials;
  • water absorption;
  • aging resistance;
  • thermal tests in a wide temperature range;
  • determination of the coefficient of mechanical loss of vibration-damping materials, etc.